‎TIP OF THE WEEK: July 18, 2011

I need to be careful about having too many tips from just KING. I love a wide variety of advice. They make it tough not to share all the great things that are happening here. This is an excerpt from News Photographer Magazine about the Stations of the Year written by group mentor Scott Jensen quoting our Station Manager Pat Costello.

He values Storytelling.

But his take on Seattle’s evolution away from it, and then back again, is perhaps a little more sophisticated than the average journalist’s. Costello says ultimately viewers are the ones who determined news presentation habits in the last two decades. They demanded high story counts and rapid-fire facts because there wasn’t any another medium for staying in touch. “At the time, what people used television news for was to get informed,” he explained.

They didn’t have a choice.

Now since the TV stations don’t control the flow of information anymore, they don’t have much to lose in taking a chance to find their niche. “How do you cover the news when you know that everybody at 5:00 has seen pretty much what you’re going to tell them? How do we give them something of value?” Costello asked the question that every news director in the country is asking right now.

Then He provided the answer. “What you do is you make them feel it.”

Sound familiar?

“That’s what I think television has,” insisted Costello. “That’s what we got. Back to our roots-back to what we were.” [Storytelling]