20 ways to Improve your voice delivery

Louis Ramirez posted in our Facebook page a question.  He asked, “Besides practice, what tips would you give me to improve my voice delivery? Is there something you’ve done throughout your career that’s worked? I used to be an MMJ but when I made my recent market jump I became a photojournalist. My current ND let’s me voice on occasion but I’ve always struggled. Definitely something I want to change.”


From the posting our our Facebook here are 20 ways to improve your voice delivery.

  1. Be natural.  Don’t try to sound like you’re on TV.
  2. Record yourself speaking naturally to someone.  Play that back a few time.  Then write a script and record, note the differences.
  3. Read like you’re talking, don’t talk like you’re reading.
  4. Don’t talk at people, talk with them.
  5. Speak from your diaphragm, and make sure you’re pronouncing all of your consonants strongly.
  6. Watch your pacing & make sure you’re not speaking too fast
  7. Stand up when you voice.
  8. Move your arms and hands like you would in normal conversation.
  9. Talk with your hands to help feel the emotion of whatever you wrote.
  10. Try writing the story as if you talking on the phone.
  11. Write a story as if you’re talking to someone at a bar.
  12. Write your script for your voice.  Talk you’re script out while you write
  13. Track like your outside.
  14. Be yourself, only turn up your natural energy.
  15. You’re not just reading the news, you’re *narrating* it. Everybody has to sell a little. You’re selling them this idea of you, you know, you’re sort of saying, trust me I’m, um, credible. So when you feel yourself just reading, stop! Start SELLING a little!”
  16. Pull up a photo of a family member and pretend you’re in the living room and  just got together, then track.
  17. SMILE when you read the happy parts, LAUGH a little when you need to, and frown a bit when necessary. Show that emotion, don’t just read your copy.
  18. Take a deep breath in before reading and don’t like ‘3,2,1’. 
  19. If you’re truly interested in a story and you use slightly stronger emphasis than you normally do, you delivery should keep the viewers attention longer.
  20. Underline words you want to ‘punch.’