TIP OF THE WEEK: Personalization

So often in news people interpret the term personalization as grabbing a stick mic and beating the streets for some random MOS/POS. All too often we find random SOTs in our stories from folks who are never b-rolled and sometimes don’t have a clue what the story is even about… but “we need sound” so we get it however we can because “we have to have sound”. So here is something somewhat off the wall when you think about it. A story about a record tuition hike where no official made themselves available for an interview. 3rd story of the day and we must turn. All we had is students and it’s summer. I’m not selling you this story like it is some epic masterpiece that deserves praise. It’s an average day turn and a common assignment at most stations. Notice the length we went to have a “character” and some “b-roll” of that character instead of random MOS and wallpapered campus shots. Hell this even has a graphic in it! Scott Rensberger once told me he asked his common question of “what are you going to do when I leave?” The man said, “I’m going to take a nap”. Scott waited until the guy feel asleep to shoot b-roll of him. We are not going to be submitting this for awards but when the chips are down here is a “different” approach. Actually I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Whether you like this or not the point is to find a storytelling element that drives your story visually.