TIP OF THE WEEK: Build an Emotional Outline

Sorry gang… I’m slackin… been busy. I know I said we’d get to writing to video. I think when I scanned through this stuff there was a more “concentrated” part on it… there really isn’t. I have and can get other stuff… just not from Bob at the moment. Cue the master…………….

“A good story, no matter how quickly written, must give folks more than information. It’s important to build an emotional outline, some reason for people to care about what you tell them. The more mundane the assignment, the more important it is to build that emotional outline carefully. Pressed for time, reporters often approach stories with a formula (voice over, interview with mayor, voice over, standup close) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. It either puts viewers to sleep or sends them clicking to someone else’s news. People want something from your story telling — understanding and insight. They know what is, what ought to be, but seldom what was. The number of times a reporter appears on camera will never matter to them, if you don’t tell them why this story is important to their lives. Good stories are like onions. No, not because they make people cry. They have many layers. They communicate on many levels at once.”

– Bob Dotson