Tip of the Week | Boyd Huppert: Taking ownership of your story

Boyd Huppert is a national award winning journalist at KARE 11 News

Taking Ownership of your Story

Written by Boyd Huppert

I think the problem is for a lot of us, we go to the assignment meetings and they tell us what they know, the assignment editor the news director and the EP. And that’s good, they are giving us information that they know should be in our story that day.

We take that out into the field and we already have it locked in our heads, ‘that has to be in my story today’. BUT, what they don’t know is what we are going to find when we go out. [When we do find something more]

It’s incumbent upon us as journalist in the field to pick up the phone and call the producer. NOT with a problem, I don’t want to be the person that calls in with a problem, but with a solution [to how we can still use the mayor or officials hard facts and numbers from the meeting].

So your talking head doesn’t fit in your story anymore? Work with the producers to for a break out element or a VO set up to make you both happy and to benefit the show.

It’s important to take ownership of your stories. Don’t look for someone to hold your hand. Don’t use the one of the worst phrases in news, “well this is what they what.” Work for something more.