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Storytellers, initially called WAVY Storytellers, was started by Matt Mrozinski in May 2010 at WAVY-TV in Norfolk, VA.  It was merely an inter-company Facebook group that touted 35 people.  Mrozinski used his connections to pull together some of journalism’s finest mentors to help build and teach storytelling techniques to his WAVY colleagues.  When Matt Mrozinski was hired onto KING TV in Seattle, WA, he decided to make the group available to the industry.  Membership soared and continues to soar.  Today the Storytellers group boasts around 6,000 journalism members and has become one of the premier resources for journalism education.

Not long after its take off, Amanda Emily did something quite remarkable when she launched the archive you are visiting right now.  She could not resist collecting all of the great information being traded and worked hard to keep it from being lost and forgotten.  In early 2014, Mrozinski turned his Storytellers brand into Storytellers LLC.  Mrozinski and Emily connected to ensure that tvnewsstorytellers.com remained a branch of the great journalism resource.

History keeps writing itself as Storytellers moves forward with it’s YouTube channel, consulting, and new ideas sure to come along the way.

(A special thank you to Bill Middeke for all his contributions.)