Tip of the Week | Dave Wertheimer’s Photojournalism Equation

dave wertheimer 2

COMMITMENT – The most important thing to a story, if you don’t have any idea of what you want viewer to get out of the story, you have failed, discuss this with your partner.

PLUS PREPARATION – If you have your own set of gear, or share it, be accountable to it and make sure it is always ready, from your gas tank to always having a tape in the chamber, be ready.

PLUS PERSONALIZATION – The 1 viewer at home will relate to that 1 person more than anything else.

PLUS STEADY SEQUENCED VIDEO – In news we reflect the human condition, the eye candy, no zoom or tilt, life is not an earthquake, the world is a tripod, shoot wide, use stix, buy a steady-bag.

PLUS MEANINGFUL NATURAL SOUND – Nat set grabs um and keeps um. The most important basic-cheap audio tools are a good ear piece and a coiled mic cable. Pay attention to Mark Anderson, the King.

MINUS EGO – It is never “my story”, we are just the lucky ones able to produce our subjects story, it’s their story.

PLUS SAFETY – We may be daredevils, but remember, no story is worth dying for.

DIVIDED BY ATTITUDE – Just because you are having a bad day with the partner from hell doesn’t mean you have to take that into the newsroom or especially on your story with you, have an open mind for constantly learning. You are doing that by being here.

TIMES LUCK – This comes with experience, a good person knows when he/she is lucky. A lucky person knows when he/she is good.