DISCUSSION: Storytelling at a spot news station

A discussion started about Joseph Huerta about how to do storytelling at a spot news-driven station.

Question: Does anyone here work at a station or in a market that isn’t really into storytelling but more into the official sound bites? I really want to start doing more story oriented and personalized stories that are like the ones being posted on this thread but I feel like those days are very far and few. Even then, I feel like they can’t be fleshed out to its full potential. It’s also kind of frustrating that I work primarily in a bureau (Oakland, CA) and covers mainly crime stories. Don’t get me wrong, I try and be creative as much as I can but its hard when it’s always the same kind of story. Mugshots, official sound, crime tape, ect…anyone have any suggestions on how to approach this situation. I really appreciated input.