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NPPA Workshop download

Written by Tiffany Liou


Why didn’t someone teach me this earlier?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself after the NPPA News Video Workshop. It’s unbelievable how one week can change my thought process as a journalist.

I’ve been a multi-media journalist for three years now. It’s easy to fall into the daily routine, pounding out words, and clicking Avid shortcuts just to make deadline. The workshop was like hitting a reset button. I feel so refreshed and excited.

I learned from people who have been in the industry for years, even decades. And I now realize there are two extremes. There are those who are jaded by what we do every day. Then there are those who get more fuel with each story they tell. I learned from the latter, those with a fiery passion.

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There’s a long list of things I gained from the workshop. It was back to the basics with the 180 rule, sequencing, and more. But the most important part for me was being reminded that our job is more than fact-stacking. Whether it’s a press release assignment or an enterprise story, there is a way to make it great.

Being able to accomplish that isn’t simply in the writing. It starts from the very beginning when I’m assigned a story. I’m thinking outside the box to find the character who will “make me feel”. With every shot and every interview question, I now clearly see the person who brings the story to life. If I start planning the moment I get a story and find a focus, it will translate during editing and on air.

It’s been  two weeks since the workshop, and I already see a big difference in my work. Six intense and tiring days of critique in Norman was so worth it. Every morning now, I can’t wait to walk into the newsroom and challenge myself to be a great storyteller.

Here is what I have been doing since #Y57:


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This has got to be the best example of how GUTV alumni give back: Jessica Michaels is now an anti-trust lawyer in Chicago, but she used to be a news photographer. Jessica called when #GUTVbracketology began and told me she’d like to sponsor a student to the NPPA workshop in Norman, OK over spring break. Here’s the GUTV sophomore’s thank you to Jessica.  And from me, Jessica, I can’t thank you enough for all you do for us! God bless you!

Tiffany Liou

Tiffany Liou is a multi-media journalist at News 9 in Oklahoma City. Her path to journalism is unusual. Liou graduated with a business degree and worked in the tech world before deciding to change her career. She moved across the country to pursue her dreams of being a news reporter. Liou started as an assignment editor at KTVU in the Bay Area, her home. She then took off to West Monroe, Louisiana to be a producer at KTVE, and soon after landed her first MMJ gig in Davenport, Iowa at KWQC. During her free time, Liou loves to travel, especially to Taiwan where her family is from! She is bilingual in English and Taiwanese Mandarin. Her pride and joy are her dogs. She also loves hiking, working out, and watching sports in the company of friends!