John Gross: Self Talk

Self talk. It’s what you say to yourself. Athletes use it, Olympians swear by it, and I use it every time I do an interview off the shoulder. “Plenty of pre-roll, red light ON, perfect focus, hold the focus, composition counts, listen for emotion and if you hear it slowly zoom in, steady shot.” I’ll say that on the way to shoots. I have it memorized and believe in it. It is so important to have good focus as soon as the interview starts…. I’ve goofed up soooo many times not getting the start of the interviews because I was focusing. Using self talk has helped me and it can help you too. This is Apolo Ohno’s self talk the day he competed for the Gold Medal at the Winter Olympics. “It’s time. Heart of a Lion.

I will give my ALL. Heart, mind, and spirit together. This is what it’s all about. All the way until the end. Today I will stand tall. No regrets.” I also use self talk shooting pro football and I have for years. If you miss a play and dwell on it you’ll miss three more.

Something simple like… “I’m in the right spot” will help over saying something negative. Eric Kehe at KUSA told me when a play starts he says to himself ball, ball, ball…. and he finds the ball. Hope that helps. Here’s a neat story on Apolo Ohno that was done by KOMO-TV in Seattle. John Gross