TIP OF THE WEEK: Les Rose — “Contests are Not For a Mediocre Meal”

(left) Les Rose, CBS News Photojournalist; (right) Dave Wertheimer, KSTP Photojournalist
(left) Les Rose, CBS News Photojournalist; (right) Dave Wertheimer, KSTP Photojournalist

You need to enter contests. You don’t do it for your ego, your rented tux or the chicken dinners with questionable gravy. You do it so you and your working partner can gather the best four or five stories of the year and figure out what worked and why.

By searching through the archives and figuring out what DID work, you will see lots of stories that did NOT work. You will learn a lot from your failures and near misses. . Don’t get me wrong: it is great to win. It’s more rewarding to get better at your craft.

“Doughnut Diplomacy”

If ever there was a collaborative effort, it’s a newsroom. If the newscast were a rock band and the anchors are the lead singers and the reporters are the lead guitarists, and then the photojournalists are the rhythm section. At least they get some glory. Newsroom colleagues make your professional life possible. Often, they get the least recognition.

Be the one in the newsroom to remember these colleagues. If you’re lucky enough to win a regional Emmy, buy some of those “for contributing to an Emmy” certificates for the assignment desk, the tape librarian, the graphic artists, and the ENG maintenance folks who helped you get that award. They also help you daily.

These co-workers get a fraction of the credit you receive, but they deserve their time in the sun too. More importantly, when there is praise from the boss for a story, share the praise immediately with everyone else who was instrumental in making it happen.