VIDEO | Mark Ginther Interview (KING 5 News Director)

Steve Dowd (left), Mark Ginther (right)
Steve Dowd (left);  Mark Ginther (right)

Mark Ginther has been the KING 5 News Director for 6 years.  During his stretch as Seattle’s head boss, his team has been consistently awarded with some of the highest honors in broadcast journalism.  Mark would never admit it, his thumbprint is on each of his teams Peabody, national Murrow, DuPont, national Emmy, 2 NPPA station of the Year titles and a finalist the last few years.  Mark covets a culture of storytelling on all platforms.  Everything from investigations, to consumer reports, to spot news, all are strategically crafted to follow a pattern that provides a quality experience for the viewers while educating them.

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He was so kind to sit down with Storytellers and provide us with his experience and guidance.  In this interview, Mark discusses building great relationships with your manager and gives you some insight on how to story tell where storytelling may not be valued.