Social Media – Getting your next job as a storyteller Pt. 2

Last week I posted about Networking as step #1 in your search for your next job as a storyteller.


 This week I’m going to focus on using social media to better leverage yourself. I don’t have to tell you how much information is out there about how to use social media to get a job.  I won’t re-hash what’s already out there. Instead, I’m sharing links to articles I found useful and think you will as well.

The articles focus on what Generation Y,Z and the millennials are doing to get a job and how you, as a storyteller can leverage that knowledge and combine it with your storytelling skills. I have pulled out key points from each to give you an idea of what each covers.

How to Leverage Social Networking to Get Your Next Job –  a post on The Ladders by Debra Donston-Miller.

The Ladders

Key takeaways:

  • Social media provides transparency that works both ways
  • You must be certain you are “digitally dirt-free” on all social-media channels
  • Make sure that potential employers know the care you take with your social media presence

The Best Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search by Trudy Steinfeld on Forbes.


Key takeaways:

  • Have a social media strategy 
  • Build an on-line professional profile
  • Have a robust LinkedIn profile
  • Use platforms like Twitter to expand your network
  • Be active on Foursquare, YouTube, and Pinterest
  • Join LinkedIn Groups 
  • Starting a blog related to career interests
  • Pay it Forward

Generation Y & the Millennials are going about getting hired a bit different.  They are leveraging social media even more. You can take advantage of the tips in Gen Y Job Search Tips: Social Media Tips for Generation Y Job Seekers by Alison Doyle on About Careers.

about careers

Key takeaways:

  • Leave high-value comments (twitter, facebook)
  • Become the mayor of a high value locations (Foursquare) (Since this article was published Foursquare has reinvented itself; however, you can still check-in at locations and be mayor).
  • Write guest blog posts.
  • Get your own blog mentioned on another industry blog
  • Write a blog post that gets over 100 retweets
  • Lead group conversations on LinkedIn

Generation Y, Z and even the upcoming millennials are using social media in every way possible to get noticed and employed.

Have you ever thought of using Vine? Check out #Vineresume. The last Vine on the list from Dawn Siff.  She did get a job through good old fashioned networking although her future employer was very impressed with her #vineresume.


In April I attended the BEA Convention where I learned about a college professor teaching video production using Vine.  These student must compose good images and tell dramatic stories in 6 seconds.

You are a storyteller.  You are a magnificent storyteller when you have 1:30 or more (sometimes less).  Can you tell a story in 6 seconds? With several stations now using Vine, these skills could soon be a necessity.

KUSA Denver on Vine

KING 5 Seattle on Vine

KARE 11 Minneapolis on Vine

Six seconds not enough?  How about 15 seconds?  That’s like an eternity compared to 6 seconds.  Check out these Instagram video resumes

instagram resumes

If you are in need of some inspiration check out the 15 second film festival clips on YouTube 


Last semester I had my student put together 6 and 12 seconds videos, here is a selection of those.  They had to create videos either highlighting themselves, our video production program or the school itself.



The generation coming out of school is using all the tools.  Time for all of us to step up our game, creating highly effective elements to get us our next job.

You need to not only use the tools of social media everyone else is using, you also need to leverage your skills as a storyteller to take you beyond the masses or future video journalists.  I hope this inspires you.  I’m looking forward to seeing what you create.