This story of the week is a story I did about 10 years ago while I was at KOMO 4 News in Seattle. MOS haters take a look. This story just might persuade you that ‘Man on the street’ interviews can also be your storytelling friend. They were for Scott Hopson and me that night.

We were wrapping up a story when I got a call from our 11 pm producer. “There’s been an earthquake,” he said. My heart began to race. “How big?” He replied “Not very. You’re the lead.” More questions. “How big is not very? Anyone hurt? What about damages?” Scott and I headed 30 miles east of Seattle, to the town of Carnation, the earthquake’s epicenter. And I started asking anyone and everyone the simple question: “Did you feel it?” As I was listening to the answers I realized THAT question – and the answers it provided – would give me everything I needed for the story: focus, moments, great sound bites, humor, but most importantly, a story with a theme. I believe we told the story that night as it deserved to be told.