STORY OF THE WEEK: Longest Hour of My Life

I am honored to be asked by Bill Middeke to post a piece as one of this year’s RPOY’s.

I was thinking about showing one of this past year’s winners from the Regional Quarterly Contest but I just did this Deadline piece with my partner in crime Andrew Siff and it really shows what teamwork between a reporter and photographer can bring to a news show. My News Director texted me immediately after the live shot (which I didn’t shoot or I would’ve included) saying that though we had a crew in Rome for this story, this really gave a great local perspective.

We literally edited as the shoot was unfolding, my laptop was in the corner of the room we were situated in. Things came down in stages so we were about to bang stuff out as we went.

As soon as “the moment” happened we hit the ground running and it was seriously a race to the finish. I was lucky enough to have a great live truck op and 2nd person to shoot the live shot (which is definitely pretty rare these days!)

Check it out my brethren, curious to see what you think, and honestly, thanks for being an amazing group of professionals in an organization that help us learn every day!