STORY OF THE WEEK: Michael Driver (KUSA) — “I Would Be So Stoked!”

We need to go above and beyond in the daily assignments.

You come into work and the assignment desk grabs you and says, ” we are going to send you out to (whatever event) to grab a vo-sot”.  We all have gone out and done 1,000’s of these, so we know what is basically needed to get us in and out quickly.  Shoot a little video….interview 1 person….and then you’re done!  Nice, now I can go take a long lunch break.

Michael Driver - Photojournalist (KUSA)
Michael Driver – Photojournalist (KUSA)

Michael Driver - Photojournalist (KUSA)Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……….you can take the initiative to do more with the story.

The simple fact is you have to be motivated and passionate enough about your craft to go above and beyond. No one is going to be there over your shoulder saying, “you should go get more elements and make this more than what they have asked for”. It’s on you!!!!

I chose to show a story I did last month, “I Would Be So Stoked”.  The desk asked me if I could run out to a job fair going on in Colorado and grab a quick vo-sot.  That job fair just so happened to be a cannabis job fair!!  So shortly after arriving, I quickly found that the potential for more than a vo-sot was there.  I shot some visuals, went and found some characters to drive my story, and called the desk and said, “I got some good stuff and I could put a nice little nat pack together” instead of the vo-sot they had originally requested.

So I challenge you to start going above and beyond the daily assignments.  If you see the potential for more and know it deserves more than what it is being slotted for, do something about it!  Call the desk and tell them. Gather the elements you need and then go and knock it out of the park!  Chances are the people that originally asked for a vo-sot will be very happy with what they received instead.  They may even let you do it again next time 🙂

“I Would Be So Stoked!”