STORY OF THE WEEK: John Larson & Mark Morache “The Parking Meter”

My all time favorite story is classic called

“The Parking Meter” by John Larson and Mark Morache.

I’ve shown it hundreds of times in workshops and I never get tired of watching people’s reactions. It’s such a great example of storytelling because it works on so many different levels. Say it – prove it… John constantly references the video “Driving through town takes exactly that long.” The biggest surprise is delivered visually, then John sets up the next best punch line and lets Tom deliver it, “I’m the mayor.” Mark adds his magic to the story with his extra effort to deliver the sound and pictures – climbing up the water tower WITH A 3/4 INCH DECK AND CAMERA for a 4 second shot and hanging a wireless on the swing set so we hear it squeak. I could go on and on… I hope you enjoy the piece hals as much as I do.