Advertising Details


Digital & Social Advertising



Web Ads: $100 – $300/month | Ads within our website that appear on all pages.  Ad position determines the rate. Follow the examples here.  A 3-month contract is in your best interest.  Consistency in your campaign is important to your success.

Social Cover Photo Ads: $50 – $400/month | Create brand awareness and play a good “Corporate Citizen” role by showing support for the group.  Ad size determines the rate.

Native Social Content: $300 flat rate| For two direct uploads/posts such as video & pictures to our Storytellers social platforms. Our social media network has over 14,000 journalism members and up to 11,000+ members can receive notification of your ad.

Sponsor Live Content: $500 a session | Live/recorded video hangouts that consist of in-depth discussions with a featured guest. It is always recorded and posted to all platforms with high visibility/engagement. “Storytellers hangout brought to you by {your name}.”

Sponsor a ‘Tip of the Week’: $50 a week | Storytellers produces original content. We currently have tips/stories of the week and featured articles with varying types of media. Put your name on a tip. We request a 3-month contract.

Product Release Interviews: $2,500 per interview/upload | How much money do you spend sending salespersons all over North America?  Your audience is here. We have corporate executives, managers, decision makers, staff members, educators and students as regular patrons. Content can be produced live on social, recorded Skype sessions, Google Hangouts, etc. Native content is best served by our host and may also need post production that is also provided by Storytellers.

Marketing Research: $150/week for one poll or $300/2 weeks for one poll | Use our 14,000-member journalism community to conduct product research. Gain priceless and honest feedback from a niche audience. This could possibly be the best value to improve your business.

Exclusive Storytellers Sponsor: Negotiable | Storytellers is looking to build a great partnership. We are protective of our brand – it is not open to anyone – just the right one. We need a partner that can add value and give our community the solutions they desire.

We’re Listening | If you have a creative marketing idea… let’s talk. We’ll figure it out together.



  •   50% upfront for any contract totaling $1,000 +
  •   The remainder of the invoice will be billed once the contract is completed.
  •   We need the total amount up-front for any contract less than $1,000
  •   Storytellers LLC will invoice you
  •   Contact us at or 724-316-2059


    Let’s negotiate.  We desire content sharing, problem solving products, promotional discount sales new product releases and technology advances.

    In return we intend to:

  •   Enhance your image & shape consumer attitudes
  •   Create positive publicity & heightened visibility
  •   Help with good “Corporate Citizen” role


    Storytellers LLC

    Seattle, WA 98109

    C. 724.316.2059


    NOTE: All pending contracts are subject to availability of ad space or scheduled around existing contracts. Storytellers LLC reserves the right to deny any ad or content that does not serve our audiences best interest or values.