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There has never been a more important time to teach quality journalism.  The journalism industry is drowning in new platforms, technology and professional education is terribly underfunded.  We want to keep the craft alive with a free educational resource.   In 2010, Storytellers soared onto the scene as one of the premiere free resources for educating journalists on writing, shooting, storytelling, and doing it ethically.  We have fostered the support of some the greatest local and national journalists of the modern day along with colleges and universities across the nation.  Storytellers started out as a Facebook movement and has since grown into a company that holds those values securely and before any financial gain.  That said, to keep this growing we need your help.

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  • Help fight the against those that have soured the business
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I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the country to various workshops and I’m always amazed at how recognized and supported Storytellers is.  I have been thanked countless times, with numerous testimonies of how we changed a career and lift professionals up daily.  One time Storytellers was given an ovation when mentioned randomly at a conference (I’m not sure they knew I was there either).  That was a rewarding moment.  Many people have been touched by the work that we do on the site, much of which is donated by our great panel of administrators.  I look forward to your contribution as well.


Matt Mrozinski

Founder of Storytellers LLC