TIP | The Boston Globe’s free database for deleted @realDonaldTrump tweets


The Boston Globe is an American daily newspaper based in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Boston Globe’s free database for deleted

@realDonaldTrump tweets

Written by Matt Mrozinski


It has become clear that President Trump’s Twitter account is going to be a main source of communication and, as evidence below, controversy.

Matthew Karolian, Director of Audience Engagement at the Boston Globe, is taking a nice leap into collaboration with competing journalists by sharing a Google Doc for people to track all of @realDonaldTrump‘s tweets.

“I have a system setup to save every Donald Trump tweet, [it] comes in handy for times when he deletes and re-writes posts,” Karolian told Storytellers.  “Also, as this grows, we can chart out stuff, for example, how frequently he uses words or time of day he tweets, etc.,” Karolian adds.

So if you hear a rumor, or need a reference, check out the chart here.  Use it wisely, use it fair.  “I’ve made it available to anyone, so feel free to pass it along,” says Karolian.