TIP OF THE WEEK: Chris Vanderveen — “WTF?”

Chris Vanderveen (Reporter; KUSA, Denver, CO)
Chris Vanderveen (Reporter; KUSA, Denver, CO)

So I assume since we’re all journalists here we can take a little profanity from time to time. I tend to think there are two simple and quite memorable rules to live by when telling a story on the teevee.

Rule #1.) WTF?

Rule #2.) Holy Sh*t!

I swear there is a point to all of this. When telling a story I believe you always want to avoid a scenario where the viewer asks WTF? Let’s say you add a flashy wipe, or you have a barely audible sot, or you went too far with being cute. If the viewer in his or her mind has to stop and ask “WTF?”, then you have lost that viewer for at least 10 seconds I reckon, likely more. As for the “Holy Sh*t” moment… follow me here… every good story has at least one moment when the viewer stops and says… wow… that was amazing! (or… yep… holy sh*t). Make sense? Get the viewer to say WTF and you’ve lost em, but get em to say holy sh*t and he or she will remember your story long after it has aired.

Of course, hopefully you’re not saying WTF after reading this, but at the very least I bet you’ll remember it. Ha!