TIP OF THE WEEK: 3/24/2013

Matt Mrozinski gave me a special assignment this week, sum up the NPPA Workshop, as best I can.

Not the easiest thing to do as I have just finished my 20th Workshop. Thanks to the internet, here is what I came up with in hopes of YOU spreading the word to get folks to come to the 2014 NPPA Workshop next year.

Quotes from this year’s 2013 NPPA NewsVideo Workshop;

“Wide, Medium, Tight, Super Tight!” Matthew Dave Wertheimer

Keep it simple and stay sane. Recognize your small successes. Great advice from Joe Mahoney.

John Larson emphasizing “direct, narrative storytelling” with subjects that matter.

Nothing humanizes a place like a dog does. #TaiTheWonderDog

“Something called ‘lavalier etiquette.'” – Stephen Hooker

We do stories about people. We do reports about things.” — @StanHeist

“I may be old, but I got to see all the old cool bands” t shirt on Les Rose.

Contender for Quote of the Week: “Do I need to take my pants off again?

Success is not being dealt a good hand, it’s playing a bad hand well, over and over again. – @Bobdotson

Bob Dotson “Good stories are like onions. Not because they make people cry. They have layers that communicate on many levels at once. Spouting facts is not enough. It’s important to build an emotional layer, some reason for people to care about what you tell them.

Greg Vandergrift stresses that words and sound must work together for effective video storytelling.

The difference between writing for broadcast and web is how you present the story, either a character or facts. #nvworkshop @vandergriftgreg

Wrap-up lessons of the day: Fold your extension cords like an accordion for quick lighting setup and remember the mantras
In order to get a great interview, leave the gear in the car. – Les Rose on feature stories

Hey, you, see, so. Bob Dotson

Jeremy Bias
I just had the most inspirational week of my life out here at the NPPA workshop in Oklahoma City. I had the chance to learn form some of the best storytellers on the planet. Some of these guys out here could take a story about a dog turd and make you cry. To all my friends in the news business. You need to come to this! It doesn’t matter if you are a photographer, one man band, or a repoter. They were all here and I would have paid for this out of my own pocket if I had to. This wasn’t a workshop on just how to shoot better but how to tell stories and how to tell the stories that need to be told.

from Joe Little: Make your stand up interesting and relevant to the story.

“Don’t be a lawn gnome.” — Joe Joe Little

James H Egbert
Ok I came in an old dawg thinkin’ there might be a trick or two I could learn. I was wrong… there are a whole bag-o-tricks I am learning. Time and Shot management are key. Getting deeper to the root of the story is another to be a real visual storyteller.

Live, Love, Laugh, Listen. Les Rose

Bottom line is, this is an incredible experience that has gotten better year after year. Zero in the week of March 16-21 2014. Your life WILL be changed.