TIP OF THE WEEK: “Gather Moments not Elements”

Tip of the Week!

“Gather Moments not Elements”

When gathering any news story the basics are the same, solid video, great sound…etc. We often hear news people say, “We’ve got all the elements for a good story”. This is commonplace, but I would like to see people change that outlook. Why not replace the word “elements” with “moments”? When gathering a story, a great sound bite goes a long way but a moment lasts. It sticks with you for days, maybe months. I believe the news gathering process would be more rewarding if we change that simple phrase. Some might say what’s the difference? It’s a mentality. Getting elements is about making a phone call or hitting the street but getting moments is about timing, patience and persistence. It may take getting out the door an hour earlier but at the end of the day, people will remember your story. I will take a one moment story any day over a three element story, provided fair coverage to the subject was presented.