TIP OF THE WEEK: Your story’s timeline.

A few years back I began to really appreciate how good storytelling could be even better storytelling if you rearranged your timeline. I forced myself to get out of the ‘it started here’ approach, you know, telling the story chronologically, and challenged myself to start the story not at the beginning, but somewhere else. Anywhere else! I played around with starting my stories at the end, or the middle, or sometimes- as you’ll see in this story I call ‘The Voice’- starting it with what struck me about the main character. In this case it was his voice, which becomes an important part of the story. Maybe you’re already in the habit of doing this. If not, try playing around with your story’s timeline. You just might like it. And more importantly, your viewers will too. It’s a lot more interesting than watching a story that starts ‘it started here.’ This story was a 24 hour turn, airing on KOMO 4 News in Seattle a few years ago.