#TVPhotogTips (November 1-8)

For this edition, curated tips from Bill Middeke (@wildmediabill), Taylor Lumsden (@TaylorLumsden), Jed Gamber (@TVJedEye) and Matthew Pearl posted on Twitter and Facebook under the hashtag #TVPhotogTips during November 1-8.

Matthew Pearl: Here’s one for #TVPhotogTips: I was actually assigned a photographer today, and naturally Nick Moron and I tried to bite off more than we could chew by doing a stand-up across Tallulah Gorge. The wireless mike had no chance of clearing a 1,000-foot gulf, so we tried the next-best option: my iPhone. I recorded audio into my phone while Nick got the video. I’m still not sure the stand-up totally worked, but I’m glad we took the gamble. (Also, Nick edited this piece entirely from the back seat of the car on the way back from the gorge. All things considered, he kicked butt …)

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