#TVPhotogTips (November 9-15)

For this edition, curated tips from Bill Middeke (@wildmediabill), Peter Mongillo (@PeterM_KOMO), Adam Knapik (@adamknapik), Shayne Dwyer, Kevin Johnson, David R. Busse and many others posted on Twitter and Facebook under the hashtag #TVPhotogTips during November 9-15.

On AA battery storage…

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Shayne Dwyer: MMJ here..I share gear with others and there’s always loose batteries all over bags…never know what’s fresh and what’s not plus they roll all over the place. I learned to tape up the amount you need (in my case it’s almost always 2) so you’re ready to go

When you’re ready to use them just break em in two like chopsticks. No need to peel the tape off.


Kevin Johnson: I have a couple of these and love em. Only new ones go in, used ones go in my pocket to be disposed of later.


(note: this item can be found on Amazon. B&H and Adorama sells them as well.)

David R. Busse I carry four of ’em in an old leather pager case on my belt.

On Winter Gloves…

Michael Abeyta I saw someone posted on here about gloves the other day. That has been a personal quest of mine ever since I got in the industry. Like was discussed before, it’s hard to find a glove that is warm and allows you to operate all the functions on your camera. Those buttons and switches are small!! I had settled on fingerless gloves, like was discussed, but I still was never satisfied with them because my fingers damn near froze off when I used them.

A few weeks ago my dad who was a plumber for 20 years and now works in a hardware store came to visit me in Denver. He handed me a pair of gloves and said, “here I want you to have these. I know you like good gloves and I use these when I work.” I thought that there was no way these gloves with a rubber Palm and fingers would allow me to hit all those knobs and switches.

It’s been cold here in Denver for the past three days. Like single digit cold at 10 for our live shots. The first two nights I used my fingerless gloves with a mitten attachment and nearly lost a digit. It was brutal. Tonight I decided to use the gloves my dad gave me because it couldn’t be any worse. The gloves are good gloves. My hands started getting cold after being out in the -5 weather for 30 minutes. A minute of my hands with gloves on in my jacket pocket and I was good to go. Also the snug fit of the glove and the rubber Palm and fingers allowed me maximum dexterity. I never had to take them off. I highly recommend them. They are called “artic guard” and they are ugly as sin but they work. Make sure and get a snug fitting pair.


On Cleaning IFB’s…

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Josh Ninke: On a news equipment note, what have you found is the best way to clean an IFB? Especially the kind molded for your ear.

Shayne Dwyer: Disconnect it from the tube and drop it in a cup of hot water from the tap. It will melt the wax and the wax will fall right out. Let air dry.

Alexander Brauer: Compressed air through the tube, out the ear piece.

Brian Young: Paper clip

Dave Goldschlag: Warm water and hydrogen peroxide. Works on ifb”s and earwax.

Jacob Dean: I wouldn’t blow into it using your mouth. Instead ask your engineers to use the compressor. For general cleaning, warm water and a little bit of soap.

Matthew Smith: Everytime you use water you run the risk of it getting far inside and creating a block — best way: compressor every once in a while when a paperclip can’t do the job. Only had to do it twice before but it sounds like a new IFB as soon as you do it.

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