#TVPhotogTips (September 21-27)

This week, tips from David Bussee, George Orr, Kyle Cooper (@WHPStoryteller), Manuel Dominguez (@vicariousphotog) and Bill Middeke (@wildmediabill) posted on Facebook and Twitter under the hashtag #TVPhotogTips for the week(s) of September 20-27.

David R. Busse: “You won’t find gaffer tape in the back of my truck. It serves a dual purpose in the front seat area.”


David R. Busse: “Strangest, “don’t leave home without it” item in my run bag? This rubber door stop keeps locked doors accessible, saves cables on thru-the-doorway cable runs, and works well as a camera support for those low-angle shots.”

“Be prepared to lose 2-3 of them a year in their “doorstop” role…”


George Orr: A production tip. When in somebody’s home interviewing, and the fridge keeps humming that annoying bg, ask if you can turn the fridge off. Explain the problem, and then put your keys inside as a reminder that you’ll turn it back on before you leave.

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