Video | Three camera interviews – You can do this

Carly Danek from KARE 11 News in Minneapolis, MN.

Three camera interviews – You can do this.

By Carly Danek


The video below shows how to use 3 cameras to set up an interview using a GoPro, DSLR and an ENG camera.



Carley Danek

After college at the University of Minnesota, Carly Danek ran away from home. She worked at KEZI in Eugene, OR and fell in love with the northwest. Then she moved to KOKI in Tulsa, OK where she discovered she hates the heat. Back in Minneapolis, she worked for nearly 9 years at WCCO-TV and then went to KARE 11 to work on a new show, Breaking the News, on which she gets to experiment every day. In her 13 years in TV news, Carly Danek has stolen every clever idea she’s ever had from someone else. Her greatest achievement is getting second place in a 50k trail race. She won a plaque in the shape of a fish. It now hangs in her kitchen.