TIP OF THE WEEK: Mic The Moment & Motivated Movements

One of my really talented friends from WHTM formly of WBFF Kyle Cooper was kind enough to jump in for a tip. He uploaded this raw video and wrote up a lesson on using your wireless. Thank you for your efforts Kyle. Love this moment! -MM

WEEKLY TIP: 6/21/11
Kyle Cooper: Mic The Moment & Motivated Movements

“So, we all know that moments make a story memorable. Les Rose once told me that we are “Merchants Of Moments.” Previously, Matt posted a tip from Mark Anderson called “Get The Moment.” So, I thought we could take it one step further and “Mic The Moment.” Recently, one of our reporters and I were assigned to cover a high school graduation with a surprise element. We were told we might have access to one of the central characters, so we made sure to arrive in plenty of time. We KNEW we were going to “get the moment.” There was no way we would miss it. What I didn’t know was how “close” to the moment we would get. So, I went out on my own, asked around and found that one central character. I approached him, without my camera, mind you, and asked him if he’d wear a mic. He agreed and, from that point, the story basically wrote itself. I just thought this would illustrate what a difference it can make if you always mic your subjects. Either way, this was a touching moment, but getting him to wear the lav gave me those extra little gold nuggets. What’s funny is, before he agreed to wear the mic, he said, “I’m probably not going to say much.” I just smiled, because I knew I wouldn’t need much. As it turns out, he gave me everything I could have hoped for. ”

“The clip below includes three things: 1.) The original story – to show you the moment within the context of the story. 2.) The moment in raw form with audio just from my shotgun mic. 3.) The unedited moment as heard through the wireless lav.”


“One other thing I thought would be interesting to mention is on the topic of motivated camera movements, because I think it ties in here. It doesn’t always happen for us that we get to reveal a surprise with a camera movement.. Often times, I think it comes by way of an edit. But, in the case of this graduation story, I was able to use a pan, following my subject, to reveal the surprise. Now, if you want to see an AMAZING reveal by way of a camera movement, watch “Jan’s Story” – link below. At the 7:52 mark, there is a short pull-zoom, that reveals one of the many surprises in this story – a National Murrow winner, I might add. The first time I watched this piece, I had one of those “Wow” reactions at the very moment the camera zooms out. I think using a motivated camera movement to reveal a surprise can add to the element of surprise. Just something to think about…”

“Thanks for taking the time to read this drivel.”