What I Experienced At Ignite Your Passion Workshop Pt. 2

It’s been 9 days since the Ignite Your Passion Workshop.  Last week I wrote what I experienced with the first few presentations.  This week I continue to share some of my experiences from that workshop.  A lot of great moments I remember.  I wonder why I remember those moments?

The last presentation of day one is where we start this post.  Joe Fryer spoke about storytelling tools that work under deadline.  Most of the stories shown by Joe were day-turns.  He does have a good formula for turning well crafted character driven stories under a deadline. Sound like a formula we should all steal.

When creating those stories don’t forget…


Moments are what we all attempt to have in each story we produce.  Do you have moments in live shots with a vo/sot?  Really, do you?  Start your moment-making tomorrow with your next vo/sot.  Joe did show a vo/sot that was memorable.  He choose a memorable character and positioned himself for a memorable live shot.



Here is that infamous vo/sot.

Joe had a character in this vo/sot. Joe had a toilet seat spouting water in the back of his live shot.  Many memorable elements.  I’m going to start paying more attention to memorable vo/sots.

Having characters did save the next story.  Joe showed a story about some raccoons that halted construction by taking up residence behind the crane’s cab.  The story was about raccoons.  The story contained no video of raccoons.  No raccoons?  Ok, just show more characters to make up for the lack of visuals.  This is a story to remember.  You’re going to have a story lacking visuals.  You’ll probably have a story you need to produce lacking visuals very soon.  Take a lesson from Joe and just let the characters tell the story and skip the boring visuals. Here is a link to the raccoon story – http://www.kmov.com/video?id=190198751&sec=587762&ref=rcvidmod


Those characters in the raccoon story made it memorable.   The theme of memorable characters continued with the next few stories he showed including this one.

In this story he crafted a road-map for moments.  He created a focused story using the characters and the moments gathered.

That was the last presentation from day one.

I do enjoy attending workshops for all the experiences and lessons in storytelling.  I also enjoy the opportunities later in the evening to reach out and meet new friends.  Another reason to attend workshops like this is to network.  That story you share, that drink you buy your new friend just might be a connection to your next career move.

Stay tuned for what I experienced on day 2.